Faith means perpetual unbelief kept quiet
Who Are You

The use of doubt

Having faith doesn’t mean you have no doubts.⁣ Having peace doesn’t mean you have no struggle.⁣ Having Jesus means your doubts and struggles are firmly underfoot, pinned and conquered, squirming in the captivity of their submission.⁣ “With me, faith means perpetual unbelief⁣Kept quiet like the snake ’neath Michael’s foot⁣Who stands calm just because he feels …

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"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." Black and white father and child.
Christian Life

Let it go

Hey. How are you? Like, really? Are you gliding through your day on wings of peace? Or are you barely holding it together in the grocery store? If you’re in that first group, bless your cotton socks. Enjoy an extra nog for me. If you’re in that second group, though, you’re not alone. GOD is …

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