Faith means perpetual unbelief kept quiet
Who Are You

The use of doubt

Having faith doesn’t mean you have no doubts.⁣

Having peace doesn’t mean you have no struggle.⁣

Having Jesus means your doubts and struggles are firmly underfoot, pinned and conquered, squirming in the captivity of their submission.⁣

“With me, faith means perpetual unbelief⁣
Kept quiet like the snake ’neath Michael’s foot⁣
Who stands calm just because he feels it writhe.⁣
Or, if that’s too ambitious,—here’s my box-⁣
I need the excitation of a pinch⁣
Threatening the torpor of the inside-nose
Nigh on the imminent sneeze that never comes.⁣
‘Leave it in peace’ advise the simple folk:⁣
Make it aware of peace by itching-fits,⁣
Say I—let doubt occasion still more faith!”⁣
— from “Bishop Blougram’s Apology” by Robert Browning⁣⠀⠀⠀

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