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Go to your room and think about what you’ve done

Anyone else feel like they’ve been grounded? Like God told the whole world, “Go to your room and think about what you’ve done”?

This past week, a theme has emerged. Nearly everyone I’ve talked to is halfway enjoying their enforced rest, halfway freaking the eff out because of all the STUFF it’s bringing up.

Control issues
Short fuses
Old memories
Parental failings
Relationship problems

The kind of stuff we lock in a dark closet as we go about our normal days of working, playing, and socializing.

But without normal days to distract us, we hear those things clawing at the door, claustrophobic and desperate for light and fresh air.

Just like us.

What if this isn’t a coincidence?

What if this is exactly where God wants us―still enough to hear His quietest direction to release things we least want to acknowledge but need the most attention?

What if this time apart and at rest is precisely what we need?

To face and overcome our shame and fear.
To admit and forgive failings.
To relinquish control over what isn’t ours.
To take ownership of what is.
To air out our worst wounds.
To be profoundly healed.

Being grounded to your room is harder for some people than others. You might welcome this revealing of character; you may hide from it every day. It’s your choice.

But I encourage you to be brave enough to face what’s scrabbling to get out of the closet. Don’t waste this chance to be transformed.

You aren’t alone in the fight, not prey to monsters in the dark. Jesus―your champion, your savior, your king―is with you, and he declares you’ve already won.

You aren’t trapped in your room/house/self with whatever’s in that closet.

IT is trapped in here with YOU.

? What sore spot is God putting his finger on while you’re “grounded”? ?

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