Where sin abounds, grace abounds more
Christian Life

Wounds for grace

Ever wonder why whacking your head bleeds so much worse than, say, a papercut? (Although I’d argue the papercut hurts more. What IS that?) That’s because there are way more blood vessels in your head than your hand. Blood is a cleansing and protecting agent, and when you damage a vital spot, it bleeds more …

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Jeans with holes in the knees

Holy jeans

These are my actual jeans. Notice anything odd about them? (Hint: It’s the knees.) I acquired these pants at different times, and I’ve worn them in steady rotation over the last four years, but when I bought them, none of them had holes or weird dye jobs (a fashion plate, I’m not). I earned these …

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God's love is...

Your forever valentine

Don’t you just love love? Whether it’s romance or friendship, there’s something about truly being known by and knowing another person that really does it for us.⁣ What’s interesting (read: amazing, beautiful, shocking-in-a-good-way) is that if we raise our eyes just a bit above our everyday experience, we can see the source of love itself.⁣ …

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Faith means perpetual unbelief kept quiet
Who Are You

The use of doubt

Having faith doesn’t mean you have no doubts.⁣ Having peace doesn’t mean you have no struggle.⁣ Having Jesus means your doubts and struggles are firmly underfoot, pinned and conquered, squirming in the captivity of their submission.⁣ “With me, faith means perpetual unbelief⁣Kept quiet like the snake ’neath Michael’s foot⁣Who stands calm just because he feels …

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