The peace of God
Who Are You

Peace beyond peace

There’s a peace that goes beyond peace. One more universal than doves and olive branches.One more profound than pre-dawn silence.One more complete than your boxed set of Friends. It’s the peace that existed in Eden,that gave Abraham his strength,that steadied Jesus in Gethsemane. Not the peace of this world, the Roman “pax.”A peace so other …

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Christian Life

A coronavirus selah

Ontario is officially holding in place for the next two weeks, and the news coming from places already doing so has made people twitchy here. Specters of instability, claustrophobia, boredom, and scarcity are sending ripples of fear through the collective unconscious. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Spending time in social isolation—for the …

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As endurance grows it releases perfection
Christian Life

Fruit whackin’

Have you noticed how when you ask God to give you more of some good character trait that you almost immediately run out of it? There’s nothing quite like praying for patience to conjure a traffic jam, for example. Ever wonder why? Personally, I always assumed it’s because if we want a new skill, we …

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Worship when it doesn't go your way

King David falls out

Attitude is everything. Especially when we don’t get what we’re praying for. I recently re-read the story of David and Bathsheba, a familiar tale of lust, murder, and trying to make things okay that are NOT OKAY.⁣ What stands out is how David grieves when God takes away the child conceived by his sin. This …

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