As endurance grows it releases perfection
Christian Life

Fruit whackin’

Have you noticed how when you ask God to give you more of some good character trait that you almost immediately run out of it? There’s nothing quite like praying for patience to conjure a traffic jam, for example. Ever wonder why? Personally, I always assumed it’s because if we want a new skill, we …

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Jeans with holes in the knees

Holy jeans

These are my actual jeans. Notice anything odd about them? (Hint: It’s the knees.) I acquired these pants at different times, and I’ve worn them in steady rotation over the last four years, but when I bought them, none of them had holes or weird dye jobs (a fashion plate, I’m not). I earned these …

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First microscope image of snowflake patterns
Who Are You

You’re not a special snowflake

Turns out you’re not a special snowflake. You’re actually BETTER.⁣⁣No two snowflakes are alike, their individual crystals formed by variations in salt content, wind patterns, and temperature changes to create the roughly ONE SEPTILLION snowflakes that fall on Earth each year. ⁣⁣That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 works of art you need a microscope to see.⁣⁣And yet they melt …

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