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Etch a Sketch New Year

January is the time we like to start over. Especially after surviving 2020, it’s only natural to want an Etch-A-Sketch-style redo. Just shake the world, erase the entire last year, and start fresh.⁠

But we don’t really get to do that, no matter how great we are at keeping our New Year’s resolutions.⁠

Because life builds upon itself.⁠

Without your past, you wouldn’t be the great person you are today. If you erase it, you’ll erase a stepping stone towards the great person you’ll be in the future.⁠

Yes, this last year was hard—fatally so for some—but God promises to work all things together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).⁠

That’s you.⁠

My advice? Don’t throw out the good from 2020 as you begin 2021. And yes, there was good.⁠

You grew. You stretched. You tried. You released. You forgave. You believed.⁠

Last year took a lot from you. That’s true.⁠

It also gave.⁠

Gather up the blessings and lessons of 2020, hold them close, and step out into the good future God is working out for you.⁠

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