“To what will you look for help if you will not look to that which is stronger than yourself?” ― C.S. Lewis⁣
Christian Life

I need an adult

As the news escalates, a previously-rare thought is surfacing more: I don’t want to be the grownup. ⁣ I don’t know what I’m doing!⁣ I don’t know if it’s time to wear masks to the store or for my husband to shower when he gets home. I don’t know how to explain that the mall, …

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Jeans with holes in the knees

Holy jeans

These are my actual jeans. Notice anything odd about them? (Hint: It’s the knees.) I acquired these pants at different times, and I’ve worn them in steady rotation over the last four years, but when I bought them, none of them had holes or weird dye jobs (a fashion plate, I’m not). I earned these …

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