Humpback whale emerging from ocean by Elianne Dipp via Pexels

Who is slow like God?

He is not slow
as some understand slowness.

He is slow as glaciers
as sequoias
as humpbacks
slicing through the stuff of
like water.

He is slow as promenade
as confidence
as beholding
surveying the universe with
like joy.

He is slow as wildfire
as cyclones
as earthquakes
ripping through an instant with
like patience.

I am the one who is slow.

Slow as understanding
as acceptance
as change
questioning His
time and
satisfaction and
as if I were not the one standing still.

And when I become so slow that I stop, He strokes my hair and smiles that Precambrian smile and says not to fret, not to worry, not to judge myself too harshly because who could be as slow as He is slow, and He scoops me up, this ball of stubborn slowness, and

carries me.

This post is part of Five-Minute Friday. This week’s prompt is SLOW. If you’d like to join in the fun, click here!

5 thoughts on “Who is slow like God?”

  1. To slow down, take God’s own time,
    that would be the stuff of dreams,
    but I’m afraid that in the life that’s mine
    I’m a hamster on amphetamines,
    spinning madly on my wheel,
    gulping down my rodent-food
    without taking time to feel
    really bad or really good.
    I want sometimes to step away,
    waddle through the sawdust floor,
    while away a leisure-day,
    and then maybe rest some more,
    but onward, onward, I must roll,
    for the wheel has claimed my soul.

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