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All things means all things

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

We tend to think of this verse in big, exciting terms! Run a marathon, open a business, find a spouse, win an Oscar, make the game-winning touchdown!

But in this last year, as I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression that has often diminished my capacity to the point where getting out of bed feels impossible, I’ve discovered there’s a smaller, quieter meaning to these words.

That “all things” truly means “all things.”

I can [get out of bed] through him who strengthens me.
I can [floss and brush] through him who strengthens me.
I can [eat a vegetable]….
I can [handle my kid’s attitude]….
I can [text a friend]….
I can [rest]….

All means all. And that means I can rely on the strength of Jesus to empower me to do whatever feels impossible, no matter how big or small or silly the challenge seems because he can and will and wants to do for me what I cannot do for myself.

Our God is the god of the grand and the granular. In Him, nothing is impossible and nothing is insignificant—especially not you, His precious child who brings Him great joy.

What can you do today through him who strengthens you. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

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7 thoughts on “All things means all things”

  1. I think that’s one thing we are learning through this covid time….how do we rely on God to see us through with grace and grit? 🙂 Well done

  2. The dogs begin to bark at dawn,
    the morning sun to greet.
    “Okay, human, get it on!
    Take us out, and let us eat!”
    The tumours make it kind of rough,
    and make it hard to breathe,
    but God knows this cancer-stuff,
    and from Him I receive
    the strength to give each dog his day
    (or hers, as case may be),
    the heart-joy that allows for play,
    and ever lets me see
    that my life is not for me alone,
    but for these strays who’ve found a home.

  3. Yes, there is not a thing He won’t help us with and through. This past year He has surely helped me with all things big and small but it truly amazed me seeing Him in the small.

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