Strong as a mother

The hands that lifted up raging seas,
that spun mountains out of stone,
are the hands unfailing
that caress my teary face.

The arms that carry proud nations,
that hold apart east from west,
are the arms untiring
that cradle my aching bones.

The feet that danced the fiery whirlwind,
that stamped the earth until it cracked,
are the feet unwavering
that chase my errant heart.

I am the heaviest hardest wildest thing
that tests His strength
yet He calls me light
as He scoops me from where I’ve fallen
onto His shoulders
as easily as if I did not contain
a raging sea,
a proud nation,
a fiery whirlwind,
or a rebellious soul—
the exercising of His power for one
such as me
a joy renewed
each morning.

This post is part of Five-Minute Friday. This week’s prompt is STRONG. If you’d like to join in the fun, click here!

5 thoughts on “Strong as a mother”

  1. Beautifully portrayed! His power, might, majesty. Yet, He gives us a tender caress, lifts us up and brings us joy in His Presence each morning.
    ~Lisa, FMF #10

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