Where sin abounds, grace abounds more
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Wounds for grace

Ever wonder why whacking your head bleeds so much worse than, say, a papercut? (Although I’d argue the papercut hurts more. What IS that?)

That’s because there are way more blood vessels in your head than your hand. Blood is a cleansing and protecting agent, and when you damage a vital spot, it bleeds more because that area needs healing ASAP. You can do without a thumb; hard to do without a temporal lobe.

What’s amazing is that bodies do this automatically. They’re not ashamed because they’re hurt or resistant to help; they just let blood do its thing.

And yet, when it comes to the wounds in our soul, we ARE ashamed. We hide them from God, thinking we aren’t worthy of the love and mercy―the grace―we need to heal.

But the moment we uncover those wounds?

Just like blood rushes to where you’re hurt physically, the grace of God rushes in to heal your spirit, mind, and heart. It’s an automatic function of Jesus’ cleansing, protective love.

And! The worse the wound, the more egregious the sin, the greater and sweeter the grace! It fills you up where you need it most, healing the damaged spot until only you and God know there was ever a mark there.

? What wounds will you allow grace to heal today? ?

“…where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” [Rom 5:20 ESV]

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