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Toyota Matrix for the Lord

I was listening to Pastor Mike Todd while making lunch today, and he asked a question that made me almost burn the mac and cheese:

When it comes to being a vehicle for God’s will, what kind of car are you?

Y’all, I love cars. And the automotive parade in my imagination would’ve made the Top Gear cast jealous.

But before I could deem myself a Ferrari or Bugatti, the Holy Spirit piped up:

“You’re a Tesla.”

“That’s pretty sexy. I dig that.”

“You go hard and fast out the gate, but you run out of power and have to stop to recharge before you’re useful again.”

That hurt.

But he’s right. (He always is.)

When I get a download from God, I peel out from the starting line, revved into the red, but I rarely remember to top up the battery as I go, ending up petering out on the shoulder, totally depleted.

Then I do it all over again.

But before I beat myself up too bad, Pastor Mike reminded me that I can choose to be a different kind of car in 2021.

And you know what? I don’t think I want to be a supercar. They’re loud, obnoxious, burn through fuel, need special handling, and can’t be driven every day.

I want to be the kind of vehicle God can depend on. Something He can use every day and know that even though it’s not flashy or slick, it’ll get the job done even after the odometer flips past 999999.

Maybe a Toyota Matrix.

How about you?

This post is part of a Hope*Writers challenge. Today’s prompt was NEW YOU. Check out more posts here!

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