Open prayer journal on desk
Christian Life

Letters to and from God

This is me. This is how I pray. It’s how I prayed for two years, actually. Scurrying to the secret place and writing longhand every morning through intense soul-pain, repressed emotions, and life changes, tears of rage and gratitude dried in the margins. I stopped last December after a major revelation brought closure to issues …

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Relabel yourself with God
Who Are You

Labelled with love

What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams? What gets in the way as you step into your calling?⁣ It can be timing or money or training or logistics.⁣It can be lack of support or clarity or direction.⁣ But let’s be honest. Usually, it’s YOU.⁣ Or rather, the lies you believe about yourself.⁣ Through struggle and …

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Jeans with holes in the knees

Holy jeans

These are my actual jeans. Notice anything odd about them? (Hint: It’s the knees.) I acquired these pants at different times, and I’ve worn them in steady rotation over the last four years, but when I bought them, none of them had holes or weird dye jobs (a fashion plate, I’m not). I earned these …

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