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If Mary can be okay with it, so can I

This Sunday is anything but still around here. Not only are we celebrating Mothers Day pandemic-style, but it’s also my daughter’s 4th birthday.

Dang moveable holidays.

I confess part of me is annoyed. My flesh wants a day just for me! Momming during Covid-19 is harder than it’s ever been, and it’d be nice to get a little special attention to salve some of these wounds.

But isn’t that the heart of parenting? Giving up what you want to make life better for your kid?

Makes me think about Jesus and his mom. What Mary sacrificed in order to make sure her kid grew up right and fulfilled his destiny. When she said yes to birthing the Saviour, she also said yes to giving up her reputation, her comfort, her retirement plan.

She could’ve said no.

If Mary put aside her selfish desires to raise her son who grew up to save the entire human race from sin, death, and the grave, then surely I can let my daughter’s 4th birthday override Mother’s Day so she can (hopefully) grow up knowing that loving people means putting them first, even if they aren’t aware of it. So she can see that Mommy loves her enough to let her joy be the best gift both of us can receive.

That and a big-girl bike.

“Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” [Luke 2:19 NIV]⠀⠀

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