How good it is to be near God
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How good it is to be near God

What do you notice when you stop running and pause to sense the closeness of God?

Today is my child-free day, but it’s the opposite of relaxing. I’m writing, planning, scheduling, formatting, errand-ing, meeting. I’m an Enneagram Type 1 anyway, and adding the OMGHURRYUP of making the most of my “day off” means I’m a flurry of barely-controlled chaos.⁣

But earlier, as I closed one file to open another, I caught a glint out of the corner of my eye. The sun, so rare in Canada in winter, was shining at the perfect angle to create dozens of thin rainbows in the timeworn scratches of my office window. I’ve lived here for three years and never noticed that.⁣

It was so beautiful and unusual that it broke through my busyness for a fraction of a second. Long enough for me to smile at the gentle way God had hooked my attention to remind me that even if I think I’m too busy for Him, He is never too busy for me.⁣

I’m taking it slower now. It’s okay if I don’t Do! All! The! Things! today. There’s grace for the dwindling fridge and my lagging wordcount. More important is that, as I go about my day, I’m present with the One who cares about everything I do—and so much more.⁣

Take a deep breath and look around. What little lovenote has God left for you to find right where you are?⁣

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