For my big-little girl on her 4th birthday

You don’t fit on my lap anymore.⁣I can barely carry you.⁣Not that you’re ever still enough for either. You are a giant.⁣Taller than your older friends,⁣mountainous in your anger,⁣a cathedral of words and laughter.⁣ You walk on tiptoe everywhere,⁣Your dance more irritated bumblebee than prima ballerina.⁣ You have a favorite version of the Bible,⁣But you …

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Faith means perpetual unbelief kept quiet
Who Are You

The use of doubt

Having faith doesn’t mean you have no doubts.⁣ Having peace doesn’t mean you have no struggle.⁣ Having Jesus means your doubts and struggles are firmly underfoot, pinned and conquered, squirming in the captivity of their submission.⁣ “With me, faith means perpetual unbelief⁣Kept quiet like the snake ’neath Michael’s foot⁣Who stands calm just because he feels …

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