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Spiritual detangler

“Ow! Mommy, stop! It hurts too much!”⁣

Sounds like I’m killing her doesn’t it?⁣

I’m brushing her hair. ⁣

My kindergartener is tenderheaded with fine curls that mat up in back from all the spinning she does while sleeping (and while awake). Even the lightest strokes result in pained protest if her locks are untamed for more than 12 hours.⁣

The thing is, if we made brushing part of our routine, it would be smooth and easy every time. But when I let it slide for a day or two, the result is a chaotic ordeal of tears and threats and conditioner. ⁣

Which is so like my time with God.⁣

When I make prayer, worship, and study part of my routine, my life is a zillion times smoother and easier because I’m in the care of the One who foresees every snarl I might encounter.⁣

But when I let my devotion lapse, the fine, curly tangles of life quickly mat into a knotty mess that only God can tease apart. And that kind of fix always hurts, no matter how gentle His touch.⁣

Today, recommit to regularly connecting with God and allow Him to detangle you daily, smoothing out life’s snarls by His word, His presence, and His love—without threat or condition but perhaps a few (good) tears.⁣

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