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Social distancing, not spiritual distancing

It seems bleak right now, doesn’t it?⁣⁣

Schools closed.⁣⁣
Events cancelled.⁣⁣
States of emergency.⁣⁣

The news addiction is real, too. I’ve been on Facebook more in the last 24 hours than the last 24 days, watching reports—both official and anecdotal—roll in with increasing anxiety.⁣

It’s not the virus I’m concerned about. Yes, coronavirus is nasty. But people can be nastier.⁣⁣

It’s panic that screws us. It’s the spirit of fear burning up the atmosphere. That’s what turns precautions into hoarding and fear into violence and so on.⁣⁣

Stocking up is a good idea.⁣⁣
Cancelling travel is a good idea.⁣⁣
Social distancing is a good idea.⁣⁣

But what’s not a good idea is spiritual distancing. What we need most now is wisdom, security, comfort, and hope.⁣⁣

And the only reliable place to get that is from God.⁣⁣

In times of trouble, it’s imperative that we draw closer to God, not our phones or TV.⁣⁣

God is near, listening, available, pouring out His peace (John 14:27), reminding us that he gives us a spirit of power, not a spirit of fear (2 Tim 1:7).⁣

Anxiety comes not from caring about tomorrow but from trying to control it. In the wake of this pandemic, we can and should take practical steps to care for ourselves and others, but ultimately, what happens is out of our hands.⁣

Because we aren’t in control. God is.⁣⁣

And that should be a comfort rather than a stress. It means we do what we can do and let the rest go because it’s in His hands: the hands that spread out the heavens and laid the foundation of the earth (Isa 48:13), the hands that hold every life (Job 12:10).⁣⁣

Including yours. And your children’s. And your parents’ and grandparents’. And everyone you know.⁣⁣

He’s got you.⁣⁣
He’s got this.⁣⁣

Remember that when you’re jostling to buy the last 60-pack of TP or crying because there’s no Advil on the shelf. The Lord of all Creation sees you, knows you, and offers you His own personal peace that you can count on in all situations.⁣

And don’t forget to wash your hands.

A spirit of power and love

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