God paves your way one step at a time
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One step at a time

Coming down from #PsalmsAtSeven has been bumpier than expected. I’m a creature of structure, and going from 150 days of regular study and sharing to zero gave me a bit of whiplash. I realized that while I have Plans™ for that project in the future, I don’t have any for It Wonders Me beyond simply continuing to show up. I’d thought God would arrive with A WORD while I rested, something new and exciting, a clear direction to work in.⁣

But He didn’t.

And just now, as I’m writing this haphazard braindump at 6:30am, it’s hitting me why.⁣

A project isn’t the point.

It’s the willingness to keep showing up, to keep going with God’s call even when it feels awkward or slow or pointless, to keep trusting He’ll do what He said He’ll do.⁣

THAT’s the point.

That when I keep showing up and walking confident in His promises, He’s faithful to keep laying down paving stones under my feet, one at a time, my path emerging only as I move forward. Knowing where I’m going isn’t as important as knowing that He knows.

Raise your hand if this is your mail today, too.⁣

My friend, if God turned up for me midstream in this aimless post to deliver a good word, He’ll do it for you, too.⁣

But you gotta show up.

Wherever you’re at in your own adventure with God, take the next step forward, even if you’re not sure where or why. Trust that the path will be there when you put your foot down. He’s good for it.⁣

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