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If you’re still here, he’s not done

Hey, all you Type As, Enneagram 1s and 3s, control freaks, and perfectionists (like me). I’m about to say some swear words.

There is no “done” in this life. No matter what you accomplish with your hands or in your heart, the best you can do this side of Heaven is progress.

Y’all okay?

I hope so. Because that’s Jesus.

Jesus bridges the massive gap between where we are and God’s perfection. He reaches across the divide between human and divine and clasps our outstretched hand in one of his, with its uglybeautiful wounds, anchored by the other to his—our—Heavenly Father. He allows our sin to pass through him to be destroyed while our prayers reach holy ears.

But he doesn’t just hold us. Jesus has no interest in stasis.

The hand that holds ours gently but persistently pulls us forward day after day, ever closing the gap, as we seek to be closer to our Father, more like our Brother, less like our Adversary, until one day we collapse into his arms, tumbling joyfully over the threshold together, finally and eternally home, complete and whole. Finished.

So don’t sweat your imperfection on this earth. When you’re tempted to give up, look back at where you’ve been, then look ahead. See the love in Jesus’ face as he pulls you in.

If you’re still here, you’re not done. Keep going. He’ll get you there.

This post is part of a Hope*Writers challenge. Today’s prompt was PROGRESS. Check out more posts here!

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