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Who Are You

I show up (except when I don’t)

I show up.⁣
No one makes me; I just ⁣

To the desk,⁣
the gym,⁣
the pew,⁣
the kitchen sink,⁣
the laundry room,⁣
the baby shower,⁣
the coffee date,⁣
the midnight bedside—⁣

If I say I’ll be there do that thing be that person,⁣
I will,⁣
often early.⁣

But what looks like consistency dedication reliability⁣
is actually⁣

I show up⁣
because I can’t not—⁣
because if I don’t,⁣
I might crack under the internal pressure of⁣
broken words disappointed smiles half apologies and⁣

It’s just the way I’m wired.⁣


I am learning a new way—⁣

an unforced rhythm⁣
of grace.⁣

One that says no,⁣
leave it until morning,⁣
play a little longer,⁣
be five minutes late,⁣
doing will not save you.⁣

One that says come,⁣
lay down what is urgent⁣
at the feet⁣
of what’s important.⁣

One that unburdens my accountability⁣
and lays it on stronger shoulders.⁣

A way that calls the truth to life.⁣

Now I show up—⁣
or not or late or badly—⁣
but with greater joy,⁣
greater wanna,⁣
greater yes,⁣
and alwaysalwaysalways⁣
with grace.⁣

This post is part of Five-Minute Friday. This week’s prompt is ACCOUNTABILITY. If you’d like to join in the fun, click here!

7 thoughts on “I show up (except when I don’t)”

  1. This is lovely. Yes, there is such beauty in the balance between wanting to and feeling pressured to, between the urgent and the important.

  2. I agree with Joyce…”an unforced rhythm of grace” is marvelous, except it makes me have to remember how to spell rhythm.

    I don’t show up because I’m nice,
    or to pass compassion’s test;
    I take an old gunny’s advice:
    “Show up ’cause you’re the best,
    Make your feet beat reveille
    to the squad bay floor,
    then ensure that you will be
    first man out the door.
    They say you shouldn’t volunteer
    for nothin’ and that’s…uh, nonsense,
    ’cause war will make it very clear
    that all you learn ’bout it
    in them voluntary classes
    will save your and your brother’s…uh, backsides.”

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