Practical ways to Be More Like Jesus 2020
Like Jesus

How to live, love, and look like Jesus in 2020

Yesterday, we talked about swapping our usual list of New Year’s resolutions for the simple, yet profound desire to be more like Jesus.⁣

Of course, the big question is, “How do I do that?”⁣

Because, let’s be honest, that’s a heck of a lofty goal. He’s way up there *gestures at sky* and we’re way down here *gestures at ground*.⁣

But although he’s God, Jesus didn’t set an unattainable standard while he was on Earth. In fact, he was pretty practical in how he expressed his love for God and for other people.⁣

Rather than stressing about how we’re not exactly like the Perfect Man, here are some everyday things we can do to better align ourselves with Jesus’ example.⁣

❤️ Get familiar with the Word by reading the Bible⁣
? Smile and say “hi” when you meet a stranger⁣
? Keep snacks in your bag for folks on the street⁣
? Say “sorry” when you know you’re wrong⁣
? Thank God for taking care of you before eating⁣
? Add an extra 2% when you give (or start giving!)⁣

See? Not scary or hard, right? We can do this.⁣

? What other things could you do to live, love, and look more like Jesus in 2020? ⁣ ?

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