Delight and seek

It’s in the elusive taste of little things—

The fullness of a breath, the melt of salt, the smell of warmth, the hush of before;

that crinkling page, that familiar phrase, that sudden meaning, that never-ending story;

those leaning cheeks, those angry tears, those questions, those plates;

this silence, this chaos, this agony, this joy

—where You hide,

tucking Yourself into
the in-between details and
liminal spaces—
the flavors and figures,
the smoke and savor—
giddy to be found.

This post is part of Five-Minute Friday. This week’s prompt is SAVOR. If you’d like to join in the fun, click here!

6 thoughts on “Delight and seek”

  1. This is just lovely!

    I had an experience to savour in the night…may I share it with you, in poetic form?

    Twelve days ago I died and went to Heaven, and the memory of that grows brighter as the days pass…it does not fade, as a dream or an hallucination would.

    And last night, again…

    Jesus came to see me
    before the morning light;
    He did not stand on dignity,
    but told me that I might
    be with Him ‘fore the day was done.
    Asked me, “What’s this about?”
    He said, “I gotta tell you, son,
    that you are bleeding out,
    and I have to let this ride,
    and expect you at My table,
    but until this fate betides,
    as long as you are able,
    please write, friend, and tell of the glory
    of Our coming never-ending story.”

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