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Choose wonder over busy

CONFESSION: I’m not feeling it this Christmas. I got any friends out there?

It’s hardly an unusual thing to say these days, but what’s shocking to me is that I felt it so much before I even met Jesus. Every December, I was a holly jolly ball of cheer, delighted at the lights, the music, the togetherness.⁣

You’d think that I’d be feeling it more now, not less. That the carols that gave me goosebumps BC would completely undo me now that I actually know the One I’m singing about. That my season would have gained depth and breadth, weighty with significance as I reflect on the mystery of God coming to earth as an infant.

Instead, I’m so embroiled in mundane holiday drama that I’ve barely cracked my Bible. I’m more concerned about how many cookies I’ve baked and the gift budget and being late everywhere than I am about reveling in the joy of the Savior’s birth.⁣

But it’s not too late! I can still choose the wonder of God over busyness.⁣

I can say “no” to another holiday party.⁣
I can listen to carols over podcasts.⁣
I can charitably give instead of buying gifts.⁣
I can read Luke out loud with my toddler.⁣
I can empathize with Mary waiting to meet her child.⁣
I can smile at stars that witnessed the holy birth.⁣
I can remember the reasons for Jesus’ coming.⁣

And so can you.

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