Baptism 01
Christian Life

Happy (re)birthday to me

Ancient Jewish culture had this marvelous practice of “shmita” (שמיטה), which literally means to “release” or “let go.” Everything they did fell under this seven-year cycle. Going into it, agricultural land lay fallow, and at the end, debts were forgiven and slaves were freed. It was a year-long sabbatical for life, mirroring God’s rest on …

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For my big-little girl on her 4th birthday

You don’t fit on my lap anymore.⁣I can barely carry you.⁣Not that you’re ever still enough for either. You are a giant.⁣Taller than your older friends,⁣mountainous in your anger,⁣a cathedral of words and laughter.⁣ You walk on tiptoe everywhere,⁣Your dance more irritated bumblebee than prima ballerina.⁣ You have a favorite version of the Bible,⁣But you …

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